Our patented cable delivery technology enables us to deliver projects on time every time with a level of cost efficiency and safety unrivalled in the industry


With over a decade of experience in the industry and the ability to deliver unique client solutions with an uncompromised level of safety, Louvix is able to provide superior project outcomes our competitors are unable to match.

Louvix is a company specialising in the installation of heavy cables.

We are electrical contractors in Brisbane with projects Australia wide. Our base business is heavy cable drum installation in all terrain areas.

For us drum size, weight and terrain is not a deterrent. We are very innovative in our approach to any problem. Our business is to get the cable off the drum and to be guided into the trench via an automated roller system. This equals zero harm to the cable, zero harm to workers and zero harm to the environment.

We have invested a large amount of resources into research and development, we have a very simple task at hand, to make a difficult job safe, controlled and more cost efficient. Our system delivers the cable at a rate of up to 40 metres per minute, we have found this to be a very safe and controllable speed for workers on the ground.

How We Work

Moving around objects is easy with a boom which extends cable seven metres from the truck.

Louvix is a highly innovative company, constantly searching for a better, safer way to install cable.

With two booms on the truck it is just as easy to deliver cable from the passenger side as the drivers side.

We have been focused solely on cable installation since 2011 and we still remain completely lost time injury free.

Every task is completed with safety

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